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Crossfit Treehouse 2

CrossFit TreeHouse is based around the symbol of a tree. What is so significant about a tree? While a tree can have many different meanings, what resonates with us is its symbol of connection. The human body has a similar body structure as a tree. We have a trunk and roots that reach deep into the soil, acknowledging our connection to the earth. Our branches extend to the sky acknowledging our connection to our soul. The tree illustrates the concept of our interconnectedness within our universe. It symbolizes our connection to everything around us and serves as a reminder that our own happiness, health, and growth are intertwined. Our goal is that this gym can be a space where positive change can happen both physically and mentally. When you surround yourself around people that are strong, it forces you to look at yourself and see what's holding you back from progressing. Once you find truth then you are able to make a change. This gym will serve as a modality to assist with that.

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