Welcome to Local FunPass Fundraising

We make fundraising simple by offering local organizations a unique way to both raise money and support the independent businesses in their community. Local FunPass gives your donors a way to support a great cause as well as keeping their dollars circulating within the communities in which they live. Everyone wins; your organization, your supporters, and local businesses.

It’s a no brainer.



Tell Us Your Story

Each campaign will have its own unique web page that helps you showcase your fundraising story. This page will share with your supporters the details regarding where their contributions are going and why yours is such a worthy cause. Including photos is a great way to for people to relate to your cause.

Define Your Goals

Campaigns work best by setting a specific goal amount and date. This will prompt your community to act sooner than later. Each campaign web page will have a progress bar that will keep track of your fundraising efforts. The more memberships you sell, the more you raise.

Share Your Campaign

This is the fun stuff! Once your campaigns page is up and running it’s now time to share it with everyone. The more people that know about your campaign – the better results you will have! Use social media to supercharge your campaign’s progress by asking your community to Like, Share, and repost your page link within their own social media network.