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Free Spirit Warriors Yoga

At Free Spirit Warriors Yoga we are dedicated to helping others feed their soul and grow into ones higher potential, through the practice and study of yoga, pranayama, and meditational techniques. The meaning of yoga is simply union, the union with the mind, body, and soul. The asanas or better known as the physical practice of yoga helps the body, the meditation helps calm the mind, bringing better focus and increased awareness. The pranayama also referred to as breathing techniques develops the lung capacity and teaches one how to heal themselves through the breath. Our mission is to help guide as many individuals to the path of liberation and radiant health! We offer teacher trainings, meditation and deep relaxation classes, workshops, art gatherings, charity events, kirtans, and much more! The path is to "Self-Realization" and we hope to help prepare the student to find their personal dharma in life, to link the student to their future guru, or just aide in the process of purifying and healing the body and mind. We are teachers here and we simply guide the way! Free Spirits Yoga will give you the tools and the rest is up to you to use them how you wish! Om

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