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I fell in love with fitness 25 years ago. I started with weight training and then moved on to Pilates and dance. I eventually returned to my first love, boxing. My goal in leading group fitness classes, small group trainings and personal training has always been to share my enthusiasm for working out. As I’ve gotten older and watched the people I love get older, I’ve learned that the most important focus of working out is preventative strength training. It is imperative to have core strength to help the entire body work as one strong unit. It’s not about the exterior – it’s about the interior. It’s not about how you look in the bathing suit, it’s about the ability to swim, frolic and play. I’m so excited to offer my clients this new space where they can feel at home with working out. A place where people can explore their strengths, break barriers and fall in love with fitness. A place where one doesn’t focus on what the person next to them is bench pressing. Come try us out. Your first class is free. You have nothing to lose.

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