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The Suburban Monk

Meet Syd and all his magic. Color is energy. Color is vibration. Each color has its own meaning and special form of magic. When received in your unique way, the possibilities are endless! Hi! I’m Ellen Atkins, Founder & CEO of The Suburban Monk. The inspiration for The Suburban Monk came from a time of major transition in my life, where the past was gone . . . but I wasn’t quite sure what the future held. That void can be so uncomfortable. I led a “normal” suburban life. I married a great guy who is still my husband 28 years later, have 3 kids and the adorable family dog, Murphy. The Corporate world was where I lived for 30 years. Yes, I had the perfect job. Great money. Well respected. The day flew by. So, what made me turn my perfect life upside down?

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