How It Works

Everything you need to Fundraise



Each campaign will have its own unique web page to help showcase your fundraising story to the public. Your page will tell potential supporters a little bit about the history of your organization, future plans and further details about where their contributions are going and why this is such a worthy cause. This provides your community an opportunity to understand your cause at a deeper level.

Creating a photo gallery that displays your organization’s history from past to present is an excellent way to make your cause more relatable. For the best networking results use images with as many members of your team as possible. Local Fun Pass uses Flickr photo galleries. Create your account and send us your photo stream link and we’ll post your gallery on your profile page.



Campaigns work best by setting a specific goal amount and date. This will prompt your community to act sooner than later. Each campaign webpage will have a progress bar that will keep track of your fundraising efforts. The more memberships you sell, the more you raise.

Setting a specific goal amount and date will prompt your community to act sooner than later. Keeping this in mind, make sure that your goals and provided time-frame are realistic. You will also want to launch your campaign at the appropriate time for best participation results.



This is the fun stuff! Once your campaigns page is up and running it’s now time to share it with everyone. The more people that know about your campaign – the better results you will have! Use social media to supercharge your campaign’s progress by asking your community to Like, Share, and repost your page link within their own social media networks.



When your campaign has ended, Local Fun Pass will forward a check totaling the amount of the campaign’s portion of the proceeds. Allow 7-14 business days for receipt of proceeds check to be delivered to the address provided on the campaign application.


Local Fun Pass will provide you with everything you need to raise funds for your organization.